Facts about Carpet Cleaning and Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected our lifestyle completely. Now, this virus is spreading through droplets leaving through a person’s mouth or nose, when they cough or exhale. That’s why you must be more aware! As of now, this can spread to others who simply come in contact with infected surfaces.

While a carpet is not a surface that is often in contact with the hands, it is not immune to viruses. When people cough, sneeze or chat, germs stick to carpet fibers, releasing a spray that falls to the floor. Carpets in high traffic areas can easily collect germs when people walk around them. 

The problem of carpet cleaning is particularly sensitive in places like nurseries and primary schools, where younger children are more likely to sit on, and therefore touch, carpets inside the building, increasing their chances of contracting germs. This is why Experts from Carpet Cleaning Dickson are urging people to take their carpet cleaning schedule more seriously. 

Is your carpet really as clean as it looks?

Coronavirus has hit the world differently. Whether you are taking action to maintain cleanliness or not, you must be aware of the fact that carpets are a known germ harbor. Generally, the carpet contains as many as 200,000 bacteria per square inch – almost 29 million per square foot – and if you dig deeper in this then every square foot of a clean-looking carpet also hides a pound of dirt.

You must be acquainted with the fibrous texture of the carpets. This texture acts as a natural filter for the air in your facility, trapping dirt, dust, and germs. Having carpets on the floor can give you comfort but maintenance of carpets is a big task. All because it collects germs and these germs can’t be easily removed by normal vacuuming.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Service after Covid-19

To have a healthy and good carpet you must get your carpets cleaned under the eye of an expert. Experts perform steam cleaning processes under professional services. According to the experts of a local carpet cleaning company in Dickson, steam cleaning is the most appropriate technique for killing viruses living in your carpets. As this technique involves working under a high temperature, that’s why it works like a wonder for the carpets.