Difference Between Carpet Cleaning And Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dickson

There is a misconception about the rugs that they are just a small portion of the carpets for many people. However, it is not valid, and it needs a separate cleaning process. The Experts who provide carpet cleaning Dickson service and rug cleaning services confirm that people generally misunderstood both terms. Let us see why they are different from each other.

How Carpet And Rugs Are Different?

You can move the rug freely around the floor, and it is easy to carry and maintain. On the other hand, carpets are bound to one place and use to cover the entire floor. This makes them difficult to maintain and move around. Let us see the difference by some pros and cons of carpets and rugs.

Pros Of Using Carpets And Rugs:


  • It covers the entire floor and provides extra security to the flooring, and gives decorative looks.
  • Carpets are long-lasting and durable as well as luxurious and comfortable.


  • Comes in a variety of color, patterns, texture, and made with different materials in various sizes and shapes.
  • It is compact hence easy to clean and dry in less time.

Cons Of Using Carpets And Rugs:


  • You can’t just throw carpets in washing machines for cleaning.
  • Also, if you have pets and kids at home, you frequently have to hire carpet cleaning companies.


  • Rugs don’t always create the same unique look that the carpet can.
  • You are always prone to fall and slip; if you purchase a rug pad, this isn’t a problem.

Why Different Processes Is Required For Carpet And Rug Cleaning?

Though rugs and carpets are different and so you need separate methods to clean them. So let us see why they need different cleaning processes.

They Are Made From Different Materials.

Rugs and carpets are made from different materials, so each needs unique cleaning.

The Rug Has Decorative Borders.

Rugs with fringe need extra care as vacuuming can damage them. It is best to clean them professionally instead of trying your own.

Cleaning Practices

Since rugs are dense, thick, and fiber is closer than carpet, professionals use compress air and water combination to remove soil and dirt from rugs. In contrast, carpet cleaning uses hot water extraction and steam cleaning to remove dirt and grime.


Whether it is a carpet or a rug, you need professional assistance to care for and maintain them for a long time. Make sure you hire a reputed cleaner for rug and carpet cleaning and securing your investment. Professional carpet cleaning Dickson must be your first choice when it comes to to get specialised treatment for your rugs and carpets.